Success leaves clues...

Let's look at some interesting points, who we are, and how we will get you a great result. Lindi Miller’s pedigree as an experienced realtor will give you the confidence that every stone will be turned to ensure we create an environment that will maximize the very best the market has to offer. Multi award winning with over 10 years experience in real estate, Lindi is the best person to assist with your sale.

Making the decision to engage Lindi Miller is saying, “I want the best, to get the best result.”


Who are Harcourts?

There is a strength in numbers. It’s one of the most important factors in Harcourts success. This means we can draw on a vast amount of resources with which to sell your property. That’s the combined databases of every Harcourts consultant, all their skills, all their verve, tenacity and resourcefulness.


The statistics back us. 

There are indisputable facts to show just how effective Harcourts is for buying and selling real estate. We have a truly incredible level of referrals and repeat business.   But that’s not what really matters. What matters is you. It’s your property, your future, your hopes and dreams. That’s why we place so much emphasis on our consultative process. By working with you our skills are put to their effective best.

Our performance reflects this. It’s what drives us forward in providing you the best possible service and results.


How do we get great results?

To achieve our common goal, being a team is the first step. From the care of photographs, the size and placement of marketing, I check with my sellers throughout the process. That way there are no surprises, only information with which you can make informed decisions.

Communication is the key to any relationship, weekly meetings, written reports. Having an intense level of communication will assist you to making an informed decision when a buyer begins the negotiation process to purchase your home.


Thank you for considering Lindi Miller and Harcourts and the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate dream.

"My goal is to understand your goal, and together we can achieve our common goal - your best sale!"